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Part of living the DISH lifestyle is taking care of yourself! Here on the Health DISH you will find great diet tips, the latest on fun workouts, yoga and running workshops and so much more!



Top 5 Reasons YOU Gain Fat!

DISH posted these Top 5 FAT gain reasons... 1) Skipping Meals 2) Too Much Sugar 3) Excessive "High Glycemic" Carbs 4) Inadequate Sleep 5) Inactivity... to our TWITTER and FACEBOOK because we post thoughtful nuggets there daily! We had so many folks wanting to know more that we gave them to our contributing writer Whitney to flesh it out and help explain why these are true!



1.)    Skipping meals has been a confusing topic as of late.  On one side, fasting has resulted in positive results for obese people, yet in other studies intermittent feeding reduces the risk of diabetes and has proven to increase cardiovascular health.

The most recent study Metabolism concluded that skipping meals during the day and eating one large meal in the evening resulted in harmful metabolic changes. More specifically, meal skippers had increased glucose levels and a delayed insulin response: two conditions that commonly lead to diabetes.

Adversely, the study Free Radical Biology & Medicine published in March of 2011, found that skipping meals could benefit health for sagnificantly overweight adults.  For 2 months, the participants followed a strict restrictive diet which resulted in an average loss of 8% loss in body weight.  

Conclusively, unless you are obese, skipping meals has more NEGATIVE results than positive.  Of course, always consult your doctor before trying any fad diets.


2 & 3)    Did you know that Americans now consume 19% more added sugar than they did in 1970? (according to recent figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture)

We all know that excess sugar can cause muffin tops, increased waistlines, and cavities.  But new studies have revealed that too much sugar can lead to high levels of blood fats which raise the risk of heart disease…YIKES!

More specifically, stay away from these toxic “ose’s”:  SUCROSE, DEXTROSE, AND GLUCOSE which are the ingredient culprits inside most vending machine treats.

The health guidelines most doctors will give you are: HDL levels below 50 mg/dL for women and 40 mg/dL for men are considered to be on the low side. According to resources 43% of the highest sugar consumers recorded low HDL, while only 22% of the lowest sugar consumers did. (NOTE: HDL is the "GOOD" cholesterol where as LDL is the "bad")

4) INADEQUATE SLEEP: William Kilgore, professor of psychology at Harvard Medical School, recently concluded,

When you are sleepy, there's a good chance that you won't be able to control how much you eat.  You may be drawn to unhealthy foods because you are not putting the brakes on as well as you would be if you were well-rested.” 

His study followed adults aged 19-45 who were persistently “sleepy”, dozing off at daily common activities, but not falling in the more aggressive category of “sleep disorders”…in other words, these people fell into the normal range of sleepiness.  Kilgore's conclusion?  The sleepiest people felt more hungry throughout the day.  More specifically, getting less sleep leads to an increase ghrelin, a hormone which tells you when to eat, and decreases in the hormone leptin which this tells you to stop eating.

Try going to bed 30 minutes before your regular bedtime.  Snooze away and watch the pounds go away.

5) You don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to believe that the more calories you burn exercising will take off weight.  It’s logical, right?  But actually sticking to a routine, or lifestyle consistently is the barrier most of us can’t overcome.  Solution?  Schedule appointments in your calendar, whether electronic or manual, with your gym, yoga studio, fitness trainer, or running buddies.  The biggest key to get moving is to block out sacred time for your cardio health.  You take time to feed yourself daily, why not schedule sacred time to make your body stronger, leaner, and more healthy?  Personally, I’ve found that scheduling daily dog walks is not only beneficial to my aerobic health, but my dogs enjoy the exercise as well.  Finding a win-win easy work out regimen will motivate you to continue even if you have a hangover! You may be able to make excuses to stay in bed, but Fido has to piddle!! 

Now get moving!


To Read more about these topics, here are our SOURCES:






The July Effect?

Reading prevention magazine this month there is a story about "The July Effect".

Apparently there is a new study showing there is a 10% increase in teaching hospital deaths due to medical errors. AND the trend continues through until the Fall just not as high.

So What's the reason? Your Doctor is thinking about their vacation? NO! It's not a case of the Summer Brain...Apparently, July is the month when all of the med school graduatesstart work as interns and tend to make more mistakes. Not just in the Operating Room but in prescribing meds and effective follow up.

The numbers are staggering....almost 1 million people a year die due to a medical shall we say "Mishap"? That works out to a completely filled 747 crashing and killing everyone on board every other day.

Moral of this story?? Don't schedule elective surgery or any other unnecessary medical procedure at a teaching hospital in the summer months.

This doesn't mean your newbie DR. won't end up being amazing or even being the one who eventually cures cancer, it just means everyone makes mistakes and please try not to be one of them!



RACE FIT with Cari Shoemate!!! Part 3

It's HERE DISHIES!! The 3rd installment of Race FIT with DISH Trainer ...and trainer of the Rocket Power Dancers...CARI SHOEMATE!!!

DISH wants you to get healthy and FIT with us so see you at the training sessions!! Please come to the sessions then Cari will wait to take your payment info at the end of the week. She's also offering pro-rated options (if you can't do the whole 6 weeks) and drop-in class rates of $15.

Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm we will be meeting along Buffalo Bayou here: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=4552586  We meet at the bottom of the stairs (NW corner closest to Sabine Lofts) along the Bayou. **Please remember to bring: a mat (for abs), a towel (optional) and lots of water! It will be hot, but we will be in the shade and you will get acclimated.

On Tues/Thurs we will meet on the treadmills up at Fit at 11:30 am.

Looking forward to seeing you guys all next week and helping you run your fastest 5k or 10k ever! Email Cari HERE if you have any questions!



The Trainer's Workout

Ok DISHIES! We all need a tune up from time to time and here is DISH's trainer Cari Shoemate for Exercise TV showing us her personal outside workout!...She made DISH do this twice a week and trust us...it WORKS!



To get your personal workout with DISH trainer, Cari Shoemate CLICK HERE


Running DISH

So as you well know DISH Publisher Lori Freese took the Bikram 60 day challenge and what a challenge it was. First, let it be known...no she didn't finish. However, the health that was gained and things she learned abotu her body along the way were invaluable and she does continue to practice just not daily.

Now that that challenge is off the plate the office has taken up a new challenge....RUNNING. Some of us have always been runners but currently out of shape is the place we are starting!

The Famous Houston trainer and national marathon runner and DISH Contributor Cari Shoemate is teaching a running class at FIT Athletic 2 days a week and we have accepted the challenge. It's for all runners of all stages and it includes 2 Saturday weight lifting classes as well. You don't have to be a member and it's never too late to join!
Cari says you will absolutely be able to run a 5k after you've finished the class so here we go!!

See you at the Rodeo run! That's our challenge day!

Sigh up and run with us!

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