This is a page dedicated to what makes the DISH world go 'round...Kaisur, Lucky and Heidi (who passed in 2010). If you're wondering where to get organic dog food, what the best doggie day care is, what vet really goes overboard or about the closest dog park, this page is for you! BARK!






Strut Your Mutt

Strut Your Mutt on Sept. 21, 2013, to help the animals!
Click here to join the SNAP Dog Pack for Strut Your Mutt 201
Please register to walk with the SNAP Pack and through your compassion help prevent the deaths of innocent dogs and cats. Most of the animals that die in shelters are both healthy and adorable. They simply had the misfortune to be born unwanted. The power to save them from this sad fate is in your hands.
If you choose to help, it's a simple matter of registering for the SNAP Pack, raising a little money, and showing up for the walk with your dog. You don't have to have a dog to walk though, and if you simply can't or prefer not to walk, you can participate in a the Strut Your Mutt virtual walk. 

Walk Details

The walkathon takes place on Saturday, September 21, 2013, at Houston's TC Jester Park. Check-in and on-site registration starts at 7:30 a.m. The walk itself begins at 9:00 a.m. There will be a festival after the walk. The park is located at 4201 West T.C. Jester Blvd., Houston, TX 77018.

Where the Money Goes

Every cent you raise--including your registration fee--comes back to help fund SNAP spay-neuter programs such as our mobile clinic programs that provide free spay-neuter surgeries and rabies vaccinations for animals living in qualifying low-income homes.

How to Register

Just visit the SNAP Dog Pack page, click the button near the top right corner that says "Join this dog pack," and fill out the registration form. In the "role" section, be sure to select "Join a Dog Pack (existing team)" and then--under the heading "Network Partner Dog Packs," select "Spay-Neuter Assistance Program" as the organization you wish to support.

What's In It for You?

If you walk, you will receive an event t-shirt. (Virtual participants do not receive a t-shirt). T-shirts aside, you will also receive the satisfaction of knowing that your caring efforts have prevented a precious animal from suffering a needless death. Isn't that reason enough to walk? You are free to do so--or not. We hope you will.
No-Birth Is the First Step to No Kill
Click HERE to join the SNAP Pack Today
On behalf of the animals... THANK YOU!


Peaches Blossom Walker

By DISH Contributor Edana Walker

Two years ago, on Dec. 5, 2010, I met Peach Blossom Walker (formerly Ivy No Last Name) on the corner of 6th and Main in downtown L.A., at a mobile rescue event sponsored by the North Central Shelter and Pussy and Pooch Boutique. 3 days later, after her lady surgery, I took her home forever. For those 3 days in between, I went back and forth with myself about whether I had made the right decision about adopting a pit bull mix.

If I could send that 2010 version of me a note about this to chill her out it, would read in part: "Yes." It would read in full:

Do This. She will be the most loyal being you have ever known. She will inspire that same loyalty in you. She will bury and then find and then re-bury and find again the same toxic tennis ball at a random park at least 6 times over the course of a year because she is smart. She will deconstruct all toys within an hour and then continue to drag their inside out plushy shells around. She will have a 51 inch vertical leap, straight up. Do NOT buy that doggy gate.

She will be brave if a little incautious. Like when that dude who just got out of the downtown lock-up suddenly appears out of nowhere one night when you're walking near City Hall and "asks" you and your cute puppy for your money, she will tell him to fuck off before you even open your mouth. She will occasionally tell your family and friends to fuck off too, but you will work with her on that. 

She will always wear her seat belt and sit patiently in the back seat with her toys when you drive and she will lick your scalp just to say hey every two hours on long road trips. And you will drive over 4100 miles together on the open road across many states, you two, and she will never complain about Car Talk.

Never turn your back on her and your freshly made Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich. Because that shady little trick will try to steal it every time, and you will lose the last vestiges of your dignity in chasing her. (and you will chase her, because PB&J is your gift). She will eat a cheaper brand of dog food than you think she's worth, because she ain't fancy. In fact, she's common. Real common. Street Food common. You will learn out to pull a dirty, trash-covered chicken bone out of her mouth before she has a chance for the 2nd bite. One day as you walk down the street, you will even manage to pull a wad of paper out of her mouth before you realize it is that most frightening thing of all: A definitely used Tampax Maximus. Never speak of that day. Just forget about it. It did not happen. Stop thinking about it. What? Let's talk about weather. 

She will take to Chicago better than you do. She will like snow. She will make you like it again. Just never do another snow angel in life. Trust. She will like a lot of new experiences, after she gets over her fear (cars, elevators, carrots).

She will love your brother, on sight, full-stop.

When your folks come to visit for the holidays, she will bark at your Momma for 2 days. But don't despair. She will stop on Christmas Day. And then they will become great friends, because your mother values loyalty, and your dog values love. And your mother will begin to order you to bring "her" Peaches home to Texas for holidays or random months and she will ask to speak to her on the phone. And your dog's ears will perk up every time.

And eventually your mom and dad may even start to think about adding their own new doggy relation to the family, one who is loyal, and loving and common like yours. And you will let them know, from your own experience, that the only way to accomplish this is to find a shelter, like the North Central Shelter in L.A. (or it's Houston equivalent). And to check first for the Red Alert dogs, those pets who have been in shelter for the longest period allowed. And not because people will pat them on the back like they will pat you on the back for "saving" them. But because there is nothing quite so awesome as discovering that the random, filthy, too skinny dog you will first meet through a wire gate will someday become a love of your life. A love who aggressively licks your fingers when you've been typing too long because your tapping is disturbing her daily nap #7, currently taking place on your elbow. 

So read this or don't, 2010. You'll find out for yourself in a couple of days. Til then, keep dog-proofing your apartment, and back up your contacts. She is going to eat your blackberry in about a week.

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Smooch Your Pooch for Valentine's!


River Oaks Shopping Center and Friends For Life, which provides a No Kill option to the Houston community by rescuing, treating and re-homing animals within the No Kill model of sheltering, are offering a Valentine's Pooch Smooch Photo Booth!

This is the heart's day of all heart's day gifs PLUS it helps out a great cause! It's another DISH DOUBLE!!

You can bring your furry significant other or adopt a new friend, Saturday, February 9 from Noon to 3 p.m. in the River Oaks Shopping Center atrium between Gap and Mutual of Omaha Bank. Take home a photo strip capturing each slobbery smooch, complete with funValentine’s Day props fit for a human and canine V-Day dress-up party! Also, climb aboard Friends For Life’s Mobile Adoption Vehicle (MAV) to visit with cat rescues or show a homeless dog some affection to celebratethe holiday of love.

Here is some more information on FRIENDS FOR LIFE!

Friends For Life, Houston’s fastest growing No Kill animal adoption and rescue organization, is dedicated to offering No Kill solutions to the animals of Houston and the people who want to help them. Programs include rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, humane education and animal food/supply support. A dynamic non-profit made up of people of all backgrounds, Friends For Life is committed to offering Houston a real alternative to shelters that kill homeless animals. For more information, call 713.863.9835 or visit


The Houston Zoo Bids Farewell...

The Houston Zoo is mourning the passing of a long time and much loved Zoo resident.  Kiva, a Masai giraffe was 16 years old.

Born at the Los Angeles Zoo on November 10, 1995, Kiva arrived at the Houston Zoo on April 6, 1997. In his 15 years at the Zoo, Kiva made many friends among staff and guests alike.  Kiva fathered 10 calves, 5 of which are part of the Zoo’s giraffe family at the McGovern Giraffe Exhibit in The African Forest, Hasani, Neema, Jack, Miles and Asali.

“It didn’t matter if you were a guest or a Zoo employee, Kiva was everyone’s friend,” said Houston Zoo Director Rick Barongi who arrived at the Zoo as Director 3 years after Kiva.  “His captivating personality won over everyone he met.  There is hardly anyone at the Zoo who does not treasure fond memories of interacting with Kiva, an experience that usually included feeding him,” added Barongi.

            “Kiva was being treated for an orthopedic condition, degenerative arthritis involving his front hoof joints,” said John Register, Houston Zoo hoofed stock supervisor.  In consultation with Dr. Mark Haugland, a Conroe veterinary orthopedic surgeon, Kiva underwent a procedure late last year in which his left front hoof joint was fused and a wooden block was placed under the hoof and secured to raise his foot off the ground, placing all of his considerable weight on the block.

            “The block created a shoe for Kiva.  It’s a process that has been done with horses and cows but, as far as we know not previously with a giraffe,” said Register.  “The block lasted for 6 weeks and we did see some improvement in his condition,” added Register.  On February 23 the fusing procedure was repeated with Kiva’s right hoof joint and the hoof was trimmed. 

“Follow up x-rays indicated his condition was not improving.  He was in pain and he could not put weight on his front right leg.  It was clear to the giraffe care team and his veterinarians that his quality of life was very poor with no prospect for improvement,” said Register. 

Following a consultation between the giraffe care team and the Zoo veterinary staff, Kiva was humanely euthanized early this morning.

Photo Credit: Stephanie Adams, Housotn Zoo

Holiday Pet Tips!

The holiday season is a time that extra precautions need to taken to avoid potential dangers for our pets. These dangers include, but are not limited to the following:


Desiccant Gel Packs 

  • They are found in shoeboxes, electronics, medication bottles, and some foods.
  • Ingestion produces mild vomiting and diarrhea.

Christmas Tree Preservative

  • The sugar in the mixture entices pets to drink the liquid.
  • Ingestion rarely causes severe symptoms, but may produce mild vomiting and diarrhea.
  • The signs are more severe when the liquid is contaminated with bacteria or fungi.

 Christmas Trees

  • Ingestion of the needles may cause vomiting, loss of appetite, abdominal pain and depression.


  • Eating large amounts of the plant will cause mild vomiting.
  • Treatment is usually not required.


  • All parts of the plant are toxic.
  • Eating the plant causes vomiting, diarrhea and depression.


  • Ingestion of just a few leaves or berries produces a mild upset stomach.
  • Eating a large amount causes more severe vomiting, diarrhea and heart issues.

Lily - Easter lilies, Tiger lilies, Day lilies, Asian lilies, Japanese Snow, and others

  • Chewing on a single leaf can lead to kidney failure.
  • Consider all exposures as potentially life-threatening.


  • Small dogs and cats are more sensitive to ethanol than humans.
  • They are attracted to mixed drinks containing milk, cream, or ice cream.
  • Ethanol is rapidly absorbed and can cause signs within 30-60 minutes after ingestion.
  • Clinical signs include vomiting, ataxia and disorientation.
  • Large amounts lead to coma, seizures and even death.


  • Toxicity causes hyperactivity, increased heart rate, tremors and potential death.
    • The amount of toxin present in chocolate depends on the type.The more bitter the chocolate, the more toxic.
    • Unsweetened baking chocolate contains 6 times more toxin than milk chocolate.
    • White chocolate contains negligible amounts.

Ribbon, Tinsel and String

  • Puppies and kittens are attracted to these items.
  • When swallowed, the body tries to move the string or ribbon through the intestineThe intestine tends to "bunch up" along the linear object.  The constant movement of the intestine produces a "sawing" action. This eventually leads to perforation of the bowel.
  • This is a life-threatening condition requiring surgery.

Electrical Cords

  • Puppies and kittens are tempted to play with and chew on electrical cords.
  • When a pet bites through an electrical cord, severe burns to the tongue and mouth may occur.
  • Damage to the area around the heart can also occur causing the pet's lung to fill with fluid. This leads to difficulty in breathing.
  • These are emergency situations requiring immediate veterinary attention.


Some other potentially toxic or dangerous items to keep away from your pets include:

  • Onions
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Rising bread dough
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Tobacco
  • Xylitol (found in sugar-free gum)
  • Bones
  • Candles
  • Ornaments
  • Batteries 
  • Potpourris
  • Medications
  • Anti-freeze
  • Ice melting products
  • Rodent poisons
  • Stress of having visitor
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Bowls That Benefit

Mosaic on Hermann Park has formed a partnership with Houston’s Ronald McDonald House to sponsor Bowls That Benefit, a collection of one-of-a-kind kid-decorated dog bowls that will be auctioned off to raise money to support seriously ill children who are being treated in Texas Medical Center member institutions. Mosaic will also sponsor a kick-off event on October 13 for Houston’s Ronald McDonald House 2nd Annual Trafigura Home Run, a 10K run and family and dog friendly 2K walk.


“Furthering its commitment to the Houston community, Mosaic on Hermann Park is excited to support Houston’s Ronald McDonald House on this important initiative,” stated James Dow, Senior Vice President of ST Residential.   “As a neighbor to Houston’s Ronald McDonald House and a pet-friendly development, we felt strongly about donating retail space dedicated to the Bowls That Benefit project.”


The kids at Houston’s Ronald McDonald House are decorating the dog bowls that will line the running course of the 2nd Annual Trafigura Home Run, a 10K run and 2K family walk that benefits Houston’s Ronald McDonald House. The dog friendly 2K walk will be held on Saturday, December 3 for runners, walkers, families and dogs, will be led by Mogie, Houston’s Ronald McDonald House resident pet dog. 


Once the painting party is over, the cocktail reception begins from 6 – 8pm in Mosaic on Hermann Park’s Live Here Lounge. While checking out the bowls and enjoying the lite bits and libations you can sign up to participate in the race and even sponsor a bowl for the event. The dog bowls will remain on display through December 1.

 CLICK HERE to join in the fun!

Paws on Patios

One of the nice things about Houston is sometimes we have some really amazing weather! We also have amazing restaurants with great patios. One problem we've had is that we've not been permitted to take our best friends with us to the patios because pets have not been allowed.
Until now!!
Thanks to Paws on Patios which is a grass-roots movement dedicated to giving Houston restaurants and bars the option to allow dogs on outdoor patios.
According to their FB page:
This initiative would support local restaurants and bars, improve quality of life, eliminate government over-regulation, and enhance Houston's image as a walkable, dynamic, and livable city. It has the potential to improve rabies vaccination compliance and increase permit revenues. Finally, this initiative would also bring Houston in line with other major Texas cities including Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, which began allowing dogs on patios in 2006, 2007, and 2010, respectively.

Paws on Patios was started in September 2010 by Patrick Walsh, a native Houstonian who was frustrated after his dog, Lucy, was ejected from the patio of a local cafe. The restaurant staff explained (politely) that the City of Houston could fine the restaurant because the dog was on their patio. Patrick decided to explore the possibility of changing Houston's requirements, and Paws on Patios was born.

A primary focus of Paws on Patios is to be sensitive to the preferences of folks who have dog concerns. Paws on Patios prefers a voluntary system where restaurants may continue prohibiting dogs if they choose. Also, Paws on Patios believes restaurants should be required to comply with common-sense regulations to ensure conditions are safe and sanitary.
It's officially official now that your favorite restaurant can apply for the permit so CLICK HERE to download the application! There is a small fee involved but isn't it worth it to have your fur child with you on the patio watching the sun set in the nice fall weather?
P.S Congrats to Ziggy's Bar and Grill for being the FIRST in Houston!

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Peace, Love and Dogs

As you well know DISH is in AWE of our DOGGIE Trainer Stephanie Bennett! She's the best of the best and even a slew of celebrities who's dogs she trained agree with me!

Here's the really great news!!! She's opening a DOGGIE DAY CARE!!!! WOOOHOOO!

This will no doubt be the best available in the city or surrounding areas! This is MAJOR!!

Here is the note we got today!


"After almost a year of preparation, planning, and building, we are very, very close to opening!  We could not be more excited and pleased with our beautiful building and all of the wonderful programs we are developing all for the love of dog. Our half-acre dog park and huge state of the art daycare floors are to die for!  We will be moving into the offices next week and then we will begin planning and scheduling for daycare. Our goal is to have large dog and small dog daycare available by the last week of June.  As we establish ourselves, get comfortable in our space, and get into the daycare and training groove, we will follow up with Puppy Preschool, Tiny Dog Zen Den, Arts & Crafts, Day Training, Group Classes, and lots more!   


As always, private training is ongoing and available now.  Daycare registration has begun and the response has been tremendous! 


If you are interested in daycare and have not faxed in your daycare registration paperwork, please do so as soon as possible. You can also scan the forms and email them to me. Hopefully, we will have eforms available on the website sooner than later!


To register for daycare, please visit our Contact Us page on our website.  Please note that we need 4 items sent to us:

  1. New Client Form 
  2. Temperament Test Form 
  3. Emergency Care Form 
  4. Vaccination Records  

If you have already sent in your paperwork, please be sure that you have included all 4 items. The Emergency Care Form and Vaccination Records are recently added items.  


 Please remember that because we are a training/activity based daycare, reservations must be made. We will not offer drop-in service. Also, because our daycare groups will be limited to 10-15 dogs (depending on the group), we will fill up quickly.  All approved dogs are required to participate in Dog Daycare a minimum of once per week for the length of their enrollment. Dogs must come on the same day each week so that they can get to know their doggie friends and the pack can achieve a good comfort level.    


Please visit  our website for Daycare Requirements and Rates. "


Kaisur the DISH Dog will be there!

Feline Frenzy!

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP), located at 17555 Katy Freeway (77094), is hosting a FELINE FRENZY during the month of May. 

All cats over 5 months of age can be adopted for $25.00; 2 cats for $40.00.  Every adoption includes all vaccinations, feline Leukemia tests; spay/neuter surgery, microchip and ID tags. 

Adoptions are Sunday through Tuesday, I:00pm to 5:30pm and Wednesday through Saturday, 11:00am until 5:30pm. For shelter information call 281 497.0591.


About Citizens for Animal Protection

CITIZENS FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION, a non-profit service organization, has served pets and people in Greater Houston for over 38 years. Since 1972, CAP, a National winner of the PetSmart Charities Humane Award of Excellence, has sheltered and cared for over 450,000 orphaned, neglected and abandoned animals. CAP has been awarded a 4-Star rating for sound fiscal management with  for the 9th consecutive year. Only 1% of the charities rated nationwide have

achieved this exceptional distinction.

CAP is in HEAT!! For $100k

Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) is one of 95 organizations nation-wide competing in the ASPCA $100,000.00 Shelter Challenge.  To qualify CAP needs your vote. Beginning April 4th through April 15th visit CAP’s website and click on the VOTE button.  VOTE DAILY!

The ASPCA $100K Challenge is about saving lives. On April 18th 50 Shelters with the most votes from the qualifyig heat will be announced as the official contestants in the 2011 Challenge.

The 50 winning shelters will then compete August 1st through October 31st to saving at least 300 more cats, dogs, kittens and puppies.  

The shelter that saves the most additional lives out of all contestants wins $100,000. The shelter that saves the most additional lives in each region of the U.S. wins $20,000. The shelter doing the most to engage the community support wins $25,000.

Winner shelters will be announced on or around December 1, 2011.

DISH saved our beloved Kaisur from CAP and thanks to them we have the most amazing animal we've ever known! A shelter pet is one that will love you more deeply than any other AND you've saved a life!  


About Citizens for Animal Protection

CITIZENS FOR ANIMAL PROTECTION, a non-profit service organization, has served pets and people in Greater Houston for over 38 years. Since 1972, CAP, a National winner of the PetSmart Charities Humane Award of Excellence, has sheltered and cared for over 435,000 orphaned, neglected and abandoned animals. CAP has been awarded a 4-Star rating for sound fiscal management with  for the 9th consecutive year. Only 1% of the charities rated nationwide have achieved this exceptional distinction.

Dog Auction: 800+ dogs from Missouri Puppy Mill. Please help!

URGENT!!:: The auction is October 29th and 30th. Appears there are 19 huskies: 14 females + 5 males.  Altogether, over 800 dogs are being auctioned off because of the closure of a Missouri Puppy Mill.  Right now, rescue groups are looking for firm commitments and help.  See below for the list of purebred dogs being auctioned.  Please don’t allow these dogs to be used solely as breeding machines, sold from one dog mill to the next, or worse.

Please contact OR
if you can help.

This is just heartbreaking.  800+ dogs at this auction.  If anyone wants or can rescue/adopt etc any of these dogs, I can arrange to make the trip to the auction.  Susan and I would need firm commitment for these dogs and would need to put out a plea for donations to save them, I would need to rent a van, possibly purchase additional used crates etc to get them back, cover their boarding until transport and get them vaccinated and health certificates prior to leaving.  Please let us know if there is support for this.  I have been to one auction in my lifetime and it literally made me ill, I cried, got angry, threw up and I HATE being in attendance of one of these things but I hate to see these poor babies sold to yet another miller so they can breed until they die.  Please email us back with feedback… good and bad.

Susan and Carolyn

******From an earlier email: Here is the story behind the Mexico, Missouri kennel auction******
The infamous Herman and Bonnie Schindler, formerly owners of MO Puppy Expo in St Peters that was protested for over a year and investigated by Fox 2 St Louis reporter Chris Hayes which led to their lease being terminated, will no longer be the largest puppy mill in MO as they are selling out (along with their daughter, Lori Conrad) at auctions the end of October (details below).  While we are thankful the Schindler’s mill is closing, the fate of their dogs is up to us. We need rescue groups everywhere to get involved to save these dogs from going to another breeder/mill and continuing their lives of hell. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANY RESCUE PEOPLE/GROUPS YOU KNOW, BREED SPECIFIC OR OTHERWISE. These dogs (and all the other mill dogs) deserve to know what love is and are the reason we are fighting to get Prop B passed. Once Prop B passes more millers who are unwilling or unable to treat dogs humanely will also go out of business and many more dogs will need to find rescue. Please help these dogs find a life and not another sentence as a puppy machine.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Fox 2 stories about the Schindlers, go to <>   and put “Schindler” in the search box on the right.
Vote YES! on Prop B <>

Everyone in rescue want the mills to shut their doors….now what are we going to do with all this dogs?  Will they all go right back into the mills bought by other breeders?

Please cross post to anyone in breed rescue whose dogs are listed to be sold.

1F’07, 10F/1M’06, 1F’04, 1M’00
2F/1M’10, 1F/1M’09, 5F’08, 2M’061F’05, 3F’02, 1F’01
1F/1M’09, 6F/1M’08, 5F’07, 1M’06, 1M’05, 2F’04, 1M’01
8F/1M’10, 1F/1M’09, 2F’08, 3F’07, 1M’06, 1F/2M’05, 1M’02
2F’07, 1M’06, 1F’05, 1F’04


1F’09, 2F’08, 1F’07, 1M’03

1M’04, 1M’03, 1M’00

1F’07, 2F/1M’03, 1F’02
5F/1M’10, 2F’09, 5F/1M’08, 1F’07, 2F/1M’06, 3F’04, 6F/6M’03, 2F/1M’02, 2F’01, 1F’00

1F/1M’09, 3F’06, 2M’04, 1F’03, 1F’01
1F/1M’05, 3F’03
1F’08, 1F’07, 1F/1M’04, 2F’03, 2F/1M’02



1F/1M’08, 2M’07, 4F/2M’06, 1F’05
1M’09, 3F’08, 4F/2M’05, 1M’00
2F/1M’06, 1F’01
1F’09, 3F/3M’08, 2F’06, 1F’05
1F’10, 4F’09, 2F’06, 2M’02

1M’08, 1M’06, 1M’02
1F’10, 4F’08, 2F/2M’07, 2F’05, 1M’04, 1F’02
2F’10, 1F/1M’08, 2F’07, 4F’06, 7F/1M’05, 1M’03, 1M’01

1F’10, 1F’09, 3F’08, 10F/1M’06, 2M’05, 2F/1M’04, 1F’03, 4F/1M’02, 1M’01
1F/1M ‘10
1M’10, 1M’09, 3F’08, 3F/2M’06, 1F/2M’02, 2F/1M’00
4F/2M’10, 1F’03
1F/1M’09, 1F’08, 2F/1M’07, 4F/2M’06, 1F/2M’05, 1F’02, 1F/1M’01
4F/2M’10, 2F’09, 1F’07, 1F/2M’05, 3F’04, 1F’01, 1F’00
4F/1M’09, 1F’08, 1F’04, 2F’03, 1F’02, 1M’00
1F/1M’09, 5F/1M’08, 5F’07, 4F/3M’06, 3F/2M’05, 1F’04, 2M’03, 2F/1M’00


1M’07, 3F/2M’06, 1F’05, 2F’04, 1F’03
3F’10, 1F’08, 2F/1M’07, 6F’06, 1F/2M’04, 1F/2M’03, 1F’02, 3F’01
1F’09, 1F/1M’06, 2M’05, 2F’04, 3F/2M’03, 2M’02
1F/3M’10, 1F’09, 5F/2M’07, 1F’06, 5F/1M’05, 1F/2M’01
4F/2M’10, 5F/3M’09, 2F/3M’08, 11F/7M’06, 10F/5M’05, 3F/1M’04, 2F’03, 4F’02, 6F/1M’01, 1F’00
1F’08 Bea/Bull, 1F’04 Coc-poo, 1M’05 OrePei, 1F’07 Rat-Chi, 1F’06 Bic-Shih, 1F Bull-Matian

1F’10, 2F’09
1F’09, 1F/1M’07, 4F/4M’06, 2F/4M’05, 1F’03

5F/9M’09, 6F’08, 3F’07, 16F/7M’06, 15F/2M’05, 6F’04, 6F/1M’03, 2F’02, 4F’00, 1M’98
1F/1M’10, 1F’08, 3F’06, 4F/2M’05, 1M’04
4M’09, 6F/2M’08, 5F/3M’07, 6F/4M’06, 3F/1M’05, 3F/1M’04, 1F’03, 4F’01, 1F/1M’00

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Only 2 more til 2010!

Highland Village Adoption Center is only two cats or dogs away from its 2,010 adoption. HVAC is confident that on either Saturday, August 28 or Sunday, August 29, the magic number – 2010 – will be realized! The year’s success speaks volumes for the hard work of the organization.

HVAC began in December of 2007 as a three-weekend effort called Home For The Holidays. The initiative, founded by pet activists Tama Lundquist, Tena Lundquist Faust and Tim Moloney, was created to help eliminate homelessness among dogs and cats. The organization got its start when Highland Village, one of Houston’s most popular shopping landmarks, was approached and immediately agreed to donate rent-free space for the effort. With this support, the organizers set a goal of adopting 90 dogs and cats in nine days and were amazed when they were able to find new homes for 242 pets during the three weekends HVAC was open. The success has continued and now adoption number 2,010 is only two animals away.


“Through the efforts of so many dedicated volunteers, we have saved more than 2,000 pets from homelessness or worse. We hope that anyone wanting to provide a happy home for a furry friend will join us at Highland Village this weekend and help us realize the goal of number 2,010,” said Ms. Faust. “We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this without the support of our volunteers – and the generosity of Highland Village.’


As the effort has grown, HVAC has evolved into a major rescue effort for homeless animals. Originally funded with grants and private donations, today HVAC is run by adoption agency Buster’s Friends, a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to helping homeless and abandoned animals in Houston. The homeless animals that HVAC offers for adoption are from Houston’s Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care [B.A.R.C.]. The animals are chosen weekly from B.A.R.C, sparing them from euthanasia. HVAC volunteers wash, walk, feed, play and ready the animals for adoption.  All of the HVAC adopted animals are spayed or neutered and individuals who are interested and qualify to adopt a pet are asked to support HVAC by underwriting the $40 to $60 cost of the procedure.

Highland Village Adoption Center,

4056 Westheimer Road, a few doors down from Williams Sonoma

Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sundays 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.



Your Pups's New Years Resolutions 

1. Enjoy life more.

I will spend less time alerting family and neighbors to approaching eleven-year-old skateboarders and more time sniffing the butts of other dogs. Preferably Rottweilers.

2. Lose that spare Kong I've developed around the middle.

Don't think I haven't noticed the hushed voices when I walk in the room or the fact that you've loosened up the harness a notch. I know I need to shed a few pounds, but don't assume this has anything to do with you - I'm doing it for me. I simply want to be able to chase tennis balls like a pup one-seventh my age.

3. I will not bark at the mailman.

I realize that by now my family knows how menacing the guy in the blue uniform can be, what with the shoving of his unwanted papers and parcels into our precious mailbox. From now on though, I'll trust the humans of the house to respond to postal threats accordingly.

4. If I do bark at the mailman, I most certainly will not bite him (hard).

5. Quit drinking.

I'm not talking about the clear, flavorless liquid you set right next to my kibble each day. I mean the hard stuff - the water from the toilet bowl and the muddy puddles in the yard after a rain. Maybe a sip once in a while when my friends are over, but never more than I can handle.

6. Learn Italian.

 Happy New Year!

 "Love me, love my dog."

~ Proverb, early 1500s

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January is Train Your Dog Month!

January is National Train Your Dog Month and it is also puppy season.  So, Stephanie, DISH'S favorite doggie trainer is starting the year off with 3 classes back to back.  All in the name of mental stimulation, socialization, bonding, and of course, fun!

1. New Puppy 
2.Trick Training
3.Canine Good Citizen.

All Classes will be held at Urban Tails in Midtown and each class will be limited to 8 dogs. 


~New Puppy (10-18 weeks of age)

Are you having the Christmas Puppy Blues?  Has your little angel turned into a little devil? 

Don’t wait to start training!  The clock is ticking and now is the time to get started on good habits that will last a lifetime. 

6 week class, Saturday mornings @ 11AM, January 30th-March 6th

Based on the puppy training techniques created by acclaimed veterinarian and animal behaviorist, Ian Dunbar, owners will spend the entire class learning how to observe, handle, and train their puppies.  Puppies learn to play with other puppies and socialize with their owners.  There will be no separate play times or training times.  Instead all puppies are off leash for the entire class and numerous short training interludes are integrated within the play session.  Thus, rather than becoming a distraction to training, playing with other puppies becomes an effective reward for training.  In no time at all, puppies listen to their owners because that’s what they want to do.  

Requirements: Pups must be between 10 and 18 weeks of age at the start date of class with 2 DHLPP vaccinations, one of which must have been administered after 8 weeks of age but at least 7 days prior to the first session.
Registration Fee: $210

~Trick Training

6 week class, Wednesday evenings @ 7PM, February 10th - March 17th

Registration Fee: $210

**Basic Obedience required


~Canine Good Citizen

 6 week class

Saturday mornings@ 11AM

March 13th - April 17th

Registration Fee: $210

**Basic Obedience required

Contact Stephanie for more information.



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Highland Village Breaks Records

What began three years ago as a four-week holiday mobile pet adoption program has turned into a year-round initiative to save thousands of Houston’s cats and dogs from being euthanized.  When Houstonians Tena Faust, Tama Lundquist, and Tim Maloney approached Highland Village owner, Haidar Barbouti, about using space at Highland Village as a  “Home For The Holidays” for cats and dogs on the verge of being euthanized, Barbouti, an animal lover, said absolutely.  And, “Home For The Holidays” was born in the old GAP building on Westheimer.  Hundreds of volunteers and dozens of Houston-based rescue groups came together and adopted several hundred animals the first year.  


When the group approached Barbouti last Christmas, he decided to give the group a permanent home at Highland Village.  During the past year, Buster’s Friends’, a rescue group dedicated to helping abandoned and homeless animals in the City of Houston was established and became the Highland Village Adoption Center non-profit organization that has been responsible for adopting out hundreds of cats and dogs. The organization, spearheaded by Deb Gerhardt, oversees the Center, which is manned solely by volunteers.  Highland Village retailers including Michael Kemper, Tootsies, Franco Valobra, Williams-Sonoma, Coldwater Creek and RA Sushi have also been instrumental in providing both in-kind and monetary support. DISH Dog Kaisur was adopted from Michael Kemper Salon 5 years ago in 2004 when they did in salon adoptions.


event chairs, Tena Faust and Tama Lundquist and Buster’s Friends board member Heather FieldsOne weekend in early December 2009, the Highland Village Adoption Center celebrated their third anniversary at an Adoption Center Open House. The well-pawed group enjoyed bourbon cider and treats as they toasted to three years of helping abandoned and homeless animals in the City of Houston find homes. Fifty-one cats and dogs were adopted over the three-day weekend- an all time record for the center.


Highland Village Adoption Center4056 Westheimer, is sustained by volunteers of Buster’s Friends, Inc., a 501 (C) rescue group dedicated to helping abandoned and homeless animals in the city of Houston. The non-profit organization provides medical care in the form of vaccinations, testing and spay/neuter services prior to adoption of animals into loving forever homes.

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