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Paws on Patios

One of the nice things about Houston is sometimes we have some really amazing weather! We also have amazing restaurants with great patios. One problem we've had is that we've not been permitted to take our best friends with us to the patios because pets have not been allowed.
Until now!!
Thanks to Paws on Patios which is a grass-roots movement dedicated to giving Houston restaurants and bars the option to allow dogs on outdoor patios.
According to their FB page:
This initiative would support local restaurants and bars, improve quality of life, eliminate government over-regulation, and enhance Houston's image as a walkable, dynamic, and livable city. It has the potential to improve rabies vaccination compliance and increase permit revenues. Finally, this initiative would also bring Houston in line with other major Texas cities including Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio, which began allowing dogs on patios in 2006, 2007, and 2010, respectively.

Paws on Patios was started in September 2010 by Patrick Walsh, a native Houstonian who was frustrated after his dog, Lucy, was ejected from the patio of a local cafe. The restaurant staff explained (politely) that the City of Houston could fine the restaurant because the dog was on their patio. Patrick decided to explore the possibility of changing Houston's requirements, and Paws on Patios was born.

A primary focus of Paws on Patios is to be sensitive to the preferences of folks who have dog concerns. Paws on Patios prefers a voluntary system where restaurants may continue prohibiting dogs if they choose. Also, Paws on Patios believes restaurants should be required to comply with common-sense regulations to ensure conditions are safe and sanitary.
It's officially official now that your favorite restaurant can apply for the permit so CLICK HERE to download the application! There is a small fee involved but isn't it worth it to have your fur child with you on the patio watching the sun set in the nice fall weather?
P.S Congrats to Ziggy's Bar and Grill for being the FIRST in Houston!