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Joanne and others

Who are we kidding, when it comes to Joanne King Herring...as remarkably gracious as she is, the rest of us really cease to exist...here is a perfect example =)


Mary Rambin, Joanne's son, The Queen, Jennifer Roosth, DISH, and Dr. Roland Moldonado.

Thank you Kelly Colbert for taking and sharing this wonderful and fun pic! The night was so much fun! it was the screening of the HBO movie, "Into The Storm" about Chruchill and then a meet and greet at Zaza.

Just a percfect evening!


Fran Drescher is DISH'S Newest Contributor!!!

IT'S TRUE!!! DISH is so blessed to be able to tell you that it's official! Fran Drescher AKA The Nanny...is our newest contributor! As you well know DISH supports charity, local business, green living and taking care of others...Although Fran is not a Texan, her fight against cancer is something we all can relate to. Cancer needs to be talked about, we all need to learn as much as we can about and make sure that we and our friends and family members are healthy and get the best care if they need it. That's where Fran comes in. Cancer is a worldwide issue not just Texas or Houston so we figured why not bring in the best of the best in spreading the word about cancer to make sure we really got your attention! Please join DISH in welcoming FRAN DRESCHER!!!

Click HERE to read her first entry on our newest page...the HEALTH DISH!!!


White Linen Nights in the Heights!!!

It's this weekend! All of the stores on 19th street and all around the Heights really get involved. They have bands out on the streets, serve snacks and drinks for FREE at most locations. It's so amazing! You absolutely can't miss this event! Saturday is the day! =)

DISH will absolutely be there hanging out at our favorite store Bliss on 19th! Say hi to the owner DAN if you can make it in! =)

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