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Houston is chock-full of some of the greatest food experiences in the world! There are so many opportunities for an amazing culinary experience every night so the FOOD DISH was created to help spark inspiration for your evening!









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Max's Amusement Bouche

Max's Wine Dive on Washington is not your average dive, not for the wine part and not for the Champaign and fried chicken part but for the Chef. Chef Michael Pellegrino is truly one of Houston's most creative and talented chefs. For this summer's menu he decided to reminisce about summers past and bring them to your taste buds.

"This menu is a way to satisfy the kid in you via your adult pallet." Chef says

We'll start with the small plates. Chef Pellegrino has put twist on the old stand by: Tuna Tartare with Wasabi Cotton Candy! YES! It's true!He actually hauls out a Easy Bake Oven version of a cotton candy maker he bought at Target and whips up this sweet/spicy creation right there on the bar. It's quite a site to see but an even bigger treat for your mouth! He serves this DISH with lotus root chips.

Next up is his house made Elk Sausage Corndog. He makes the elk sausage on site and outside of that little surprise, it is dipped in the traditional country fair batter, you know that sweet flavor, and served with his famous Kitchen Sink Mustard. The back story on the mustard was a throw down and he couldn't seem to make his mustard work out so he kept putting different things in it until it tasted good enough to serve. Basically he put everything in it but the kitchen sink. DISH NOTE: It is better than good. Absolutely a must try this Summer.

Of course, any country fair comes with a smoked turkey leg. Max's is serving this beauty in sandwich form on a souvenir Frisbee! After all, what's a county fair without a takeaway?

His sense of humor translates nicely into his next creation, the Pellegrino version of the Captain Jack's Platter. You know every time you head to the beach you have to eat sea food so you hit up the local hot spot. They always have the cheesy Cpt.'s platter, fried everything! Chef's interpretation is cornmeal-crusted Gulf Coast snapper, prawns and oysters with caraway hush puppies and saffron tartar sauce.

Appetite whetted yet? It gets better! All desserts are made locally by Fluff Bake Bar!

There is yet one more wonderful part of the Summer Menu, The Compliments to the Kitchen - Texas Style. It's a $15 add on to your bill and you buy a 6-pack of Lone Star Beer for the kitchen crew. Now that's one great say to say "Thank You"!