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Max's Wine Dive

OMG! DISH had the best Mac & Cheese we have ever tasted is at Max's Wine Dive! We were invited by one of the managers and Exec Chef Michael Pellegrino to dine. It was a wonderful evening with the most yummy beer called True Blonde Ale =)

Chef told DISH his Mac & Cheese was to die for but we were weary because we had tasted the dish there a few months ago and it was not so hot...we are not afraid to tell you.

Well he re-did it and it was BRILLIANT! So much so that we went back today and got some more =)

Different cheeses than before and an extra special secret ingredient that he shared with only us. IT'S AMAZING!!!  We can't wait for you to go try it yourself. We also tried the Fried Chicken sandwich with Champagne mayo and our friend had the shrimp/oyster poboy. WOW! The pic is Chef and Seth with the poboy!

By the way, the General Manager Jeremy is the kindest, most patient person DISH has met in a long time! When you go in, ask for Kate to wait on you, she's amazing, cute and fun! Make sure to say hi to Seth, a manager there and of course, give your regards to Chef Pellegrino!

We will be back soon!

Thanks Max's Wine Dive for an amazing experience!