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Beauty is skin deep they say but honestly it is so much more! Here on the Beauty DISH we will share tips for great skin, hair, make-up, nails... you name it, we DISH on it!


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Time to Winterize Your Skin Care Regime??

Zoey has been working on her craft for almost 10 years so sitting with her and talking about her passion - skin care - was an educational process that I wasn't expecting. I have been playing in beauty for many MANY years so to learn new things is very refreshing. Here is what Zoey at the Rice Village location of True Beauty had to say about Winterizing your skin care regime.

She starts with what seems basic but has to much wisdom to it. Regardless of how long you've been playing in skin care, preparing skin for winter is something you should see your specialist about first. Get analyzed for any climate change you encounter because you will need different skin care, even when you're just traveling because the climate will be different.  

Some folks who are in busy and needone stop shop product she suggests SPF. The Sun's rays are still very active during the winter months and you can still get burned, sun damage and wrinkles and skin cancer.

Zoey prefers separate moisturizer and SPF because the SPF product alone is usually more effective and a combo product. You won't use enough of the moisturizer to get the amount of SPF that your skin will need to be effective. Glow therapeutics has a great one that is 40 SPF and not heavy. Ultra Tint from Dermologica that is a 30 SPF if you like the combo product. It matches most skin shades but it isan SPF first so it is effective but you will still have to use a moisturizer during the colder months.

Remember, there is a huge difference between oil and water. Whentalking hydration they're talking water for the skin. Here in Houston we have humidity so a hydrating serum is prob best if you are, in fact, dehydrated which is the case for most people. If you are not drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water a day then you will be dehydrated and it will show up in your skin. If you are on certain kinds medications or hormones they will make your skin dry. IF you are truly DRY then you can add an oil to your skin that translates into a heavier moisturizer. If you are dehydrated from not drinking enough water and add a heavier moisturizer then you will break out more. You're simply confusing your skin. Water is self binding to it takes water from you to attract water to itself and hydrate your skin.

Again, before you decide what you need for yourself, treat yourself to a FREE consultation with Zoey so you don't cause breakouts or waste money on products that aren't right for your skin. You can have beautiful skin while being budget conscious.

It boils down to this, yes, you will have to move to a slightly heavier moisturizer for the winter months, just like changing your wardrobe but which one is something you should discuss with Zoey!

Another tip for younger, more beautiful and radiant skin: Don't over exfoliate!!                                        If you exfoliate too much you will end up with either thicker skin or thinner skin which leads to more pigment damage, capillary damage and environmental damage. So a chemical peel or lasers treatment would be better for you rather than a microderm for instance.  A professional won't necessarily give you what you ask for, they will educate you and guide you to what is best for your skin over all so be ready for that when you make your appointment.

Zoey has been a skin share specialist since 2005 and has her international accreditation meaning she can work in 34 countries. She had to learn more advanced physiology and deeper knowledge of the skin to receive this accreditation. Making people feelgood about themselves is her motivation. She has always loved skin care and had a deep love for skin care products since she was a little girl. She knew there was something special going on when she realised she was cconstantly buying the latest and greatest and like all of us, the gift with purchase was the best part! BUT rarely was it what was best for her skin so the free product and waste of money became tiresome. It took her a while to realize that if wasn't the product that made you beautiful it was the skin under it so she started researching and learning.

The thing about great skin care is there is the process of elimination. Even the best skin care specialist may recommend something that isn't quite right for your skin so it is trial and error. Just like working out or finding the right diet for yourself.


* Hydrodynamic from Murad is gives moisturizer without being too heavy or causing out break for folks who still have oil. Great for the Houston climate.

* Ahava extreme day cream with Dead Sea salts so your body only absorbs what it needs. It creates the balance. It will leach and return moisture to skin as it needs it. And the product smells soooooooo good!

* Glow serum or the Deremologica Cyto Lluxe or Multi Vitamin Power (DISH Endorsed) 
The serum is like your vitamin so you will still need a moisturizer.

* Eye Cream: Dermologica Age Reversal has caffiene and light defuses! Plus it was Retinol so it exfoliates, the peptides and cermamides hydrate from the inside out.

*Glow Cyto Luxe Eye Cream is recommended but if you're a bit oily that is not the one for you.

Zoey would love to guide you and help you with your skin. She feels education is the best she can do for anyone. Make your appointment for a FREE 15 minute consultation and bring the bag of products you use! Together, you can decide if it needs tweaking or not. 713-526-2553


Hard Night, Good Morning

Have you ever had one of “those” nights? Sure, we all have. But who wants to look like they did the next morning? None of us! Enter Hard Night, Good Morning!


The history of the product is important because it’s rare that you find something locally made with such an organic and inspirational story…that’s actually GOOD!

When Texan D’Andra Simmons was a teenager her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. That experience started the family on the quest for better living through holistic endeavors.  Dee Simmons, D’Andra’s mother, after traveling the world seeking the best in holistic, natural living started Ultimate Living International. ULI is a natural; organic Dallas based Supplement Company that makes pharmaceutical grade supplements. Consequently, Dee has now been cancer free for 22 years.

D'Andra Simmons

After working with her mother for 15 years and creating the all natural skin care and make-up line for Ultimate Living International, D’Andra felt the calling to start a line on her own.  Inspired by her mother and her own busy lifestyle, D’Andra studied and traveled the world, seeking the most organic, sustainable, holistic products and even lived in Africa for three months learning all about natural ways to live, eat and treat your skin.


The name may be tongue in cheek but the product is as serious as they come. Hard Night, Good Morning is one of the ONLY all natural skin care lines on the market today that actually does what it says it will do and every ounce of it is GOOD for your skin. It is free of parabins, sulphates, phthalates, and phosphates.  It is pharmaceutical grade and aloe vera-based, plus the eye cream has a bio-available form of vitamin C that reduces puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  The Facial “Cocktail” Serum is the best out of all of the products! About 30 seconds after applying you can actually feel it invigorating and tightening your skin.


Knowing that not all skin types have success with one line in particular, we sent the samples of Hard Night, Good Morning around the group. One gal has dry skin, one is acne oriented, one is oily but dehydrated. After a week with the full line all of the reports back were in unison, “We saw a beautiful difference.”

The acne prone gal noticed a more even skin tone and fewer flare ups. The oily but dehydrated gal noticed lesser oil production and fewer dry lines in her cheeks, around the eye are and on her forehead. The dry skinned gal was blown away at the increased moisture content of her skin after even one use. The bottom line is, all skin types can and have benefitted from this line and we've seen the proof! That’s never happened in our skin care girls group before!

If you’re the CEO that just got off the red eye and have to step into a board room, a mother of three who's not getting any sleep of if you just had a fun night of events and parties, this product does exactly what it says it will do AND it’s Texas based!

To read more about Hard Night, Good Morning, CLICK HERE

Available at Whole Foods, Central Market and online near you!

P.S. Not sure if we made it clear but if you only purchase ONE item in this line...make it the Facial Cocktail!


Caudalie is Hitting The Vine

For the past 15 years this amazing and innovative skin care line has been all natural...well before the trend because big. From the beginning, they formulated their products with a maximum of Natural ingredients in order to preserve the environment and the skin. But it gets better! In 2006, Caudalie made an innovative move by removing parabens from all its products. From that point on, their formulas have contained preservatives used by organic brands only!

The news gets even better! Caudalie Founder, Bertrand Thomas will be here in The Woodlands to meet and greet with YOU, my fair DISHIES!! Bertrand Thomas has asked DISH to invite YOU to meet, talk about and try their most innovative and best selling products!

Friday October 7th

1pm - 4pm

Sephora The Woodlands

1201 Lake Woodlands Drive, Suite 700 The Woodlands, TX 77380


You will get to meet Caudalie founder Bertrand Thomas and experience the latest breakthrough innovation from Caudalie, Vinexpert Regimen, an anti-ageing powerhouse regimen, packed with Resveratrol for exceptional immediate and long term clinical results. Experience one on one consultation with the founder and exclusive gifts with purchase.

GIFTS TOO??? Well you know that's DISH'S favorite thing in the world!

Put it in your schedule now and make an evening out of it since you'll be all the way up in the Woodlands...make reservations at America's or Hubble & Hudson! Have a beauty and a date!



Plastic Surgeon Approved!

Ok beauty Buffs! We are skeptical about EVERYTHING! Especially when someone tries to sell it to us in a living room...Believe! We are also always up for a challenge, like THISfor instance...Our challenge was to try Vegan Certified Skin Care line called Arbonne. We had heard all of the stories and success stories blah blah...of course, but does it work? Because let's be honest, that what it all boils down to anyway! RIGHT??

A little history here first, DISH has tried EVERYTHING except surgery to make our skin gorgeous! We Botox, we've lasered, we've used every product under the sun if it claimed to work no matter the cost...That being said.

ARBONNE WORKS!! We actually saw a difference in our skin OVER NIGHT! Needless to say we were convinced that maybe it was a fluke so we sent it to Momma DISH and a few friends. SAME THING! Amazing noticeable difference! WE ALL BOUGHT IT! And it continues to be an amazing product.

There are letters from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons praising Arbonne comared to the medical grade products they sell within their offices. One even switched over what she sold out of her office because Arbonne is better!

DISH uses the Re9 Advanced line; CLICK HERE to get yours! 

(PLUS: a little DISHIES told us that if you email us before you order that you can get 20% off your order!)