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Beauty is skin deep they say but honestly it is so much more! Here on the Beauty DISH we will share tips for great skin, hair, make-up, nails... you name it, we DISH on it!


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Your Skin's Miracle!

DISHIES are writing in asking for suggestions on natural ways to moisturize their skin and we have the best solution options!! First, Jojoba oil is a fantastic oil that you shouldn't live without. It's greatness isin it's molecules! They have a similar structure to our own skin and hair sebum. More so than any other oil! It doesn't remain oily to the touch and leaves behind silky, smooth, pretty skin!

Here are DISH-Houston.com's top 10 ways to use this awesome oil! 

1. Facial cleanser and moisturizer - The oil absorbs into skin quickly so you're not feeling greasy. It also cleanses clogged pores.  KEEP IN MIND: This is not an acne cure but a healthy diet is one of the most important factors for stopping acne from forming. Using jojoba oil is a way to fight existing acne, but not the solution to the problem. It's just a piece of the puzzle. 

2. Makeup remover - Jojoba is a wonderful makeup remover! It is so gentle and gets rid of everything; including stubborn products like eyeliner and mascara. It doesn't burn or sting like other makeup removers do (because of the chemicals). Just take a little on a cotton ball and watch it do it's magic. Then, BONUS, you get moisturized eye area and stay young looking longer!

3. Foot and hand softener - Applied just like lotion, use when you get out off the shower/bath as a moisturizer. For the feet, it's great to put on a pair of cozy socks straightaway to lock in the moisturizer. Then you can run around the house without worrying about oil getting on everything while it soaks in and does it's magic!

4. Massage oil - There are some really bad oils on the market that smell amazing but are absolutely useless in the massage room. The secondary problem to those products is fragrance is known to break the skin out, jojoba will not do that. PLUS, it smell delicious. Have fun! 

5. Lip conditioner - Use your fingers to apply the oil as if it were using a lip balm. Jojoba has incredible soothing properties and puts moisture back into dry lips.

6. Leave-in hair conditioner - Take a small amount in the palm of your hand and work it gently through the tips of your hair. This with help keep dry hair moisturized. It can also be smoothed over frizzies when hair is damp to combat flyaways. *BONUS NOTE: put a good amount in wet hair and massage the scalp. Put a towel on your hair and sit in the steam shower, bathtub or outside for a relaxing moment in the sun. When you wash your hair it will be softer than you've ever felt and your scalp will be healthier as well!

7. Aftershave - Use a tiny bit and pat (don't rub) it onto the freshly shaved area. This leaves the skin soft and helps prevent razor burn.

8. Cuticle oil - This oil helps recondition dry cuticles. Feel free to use it on the entire nail surface to prevent chipping and peeling which can be caused by dehydration, drastic outdoor temperatures, or hot water drying out the nails, either from daily hand washing or over showering. The outgrowth of hair and nails is actually dead cells, so they needed to be cared for to prevent future damage. Split or chipped nails cannot be mended, just like split ends on your hair. Just cut them off and care for them better next time.

9. For the bath - Add a few drops of oil to a bath. This moisturizes the skin leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

10. Excessive dry skin treatment - Perfect for alleviate eczema. Eczema is excessively over-dry skin, skin that needs major moisturizing and love. A little TLC, eating good foods, taking quicker warm showers (not long, hot ones), and a jojoba oil treatment after every shower and before going to bed at night, eczema can disappear.

Remember, everything in life plays a huge role in healthy skin! It all builds you up, or breaks you down. 
Feel free to email DISH your beauty questions! 


Hard Night, Good Morning

Have you ever had one of “those” nights? Sure, we all have. But who wants to look like they did the next morning? None of us! Enter Hard Night, Good Morning!


The history of the product is important because it’s rare that you find something locally made with such an organic and inspirational story…that’s actually GOOD!

When Texan D’Andra Simmons was a teenager her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. That experience started the family on the quest for better living through holistic endeavors.  Dee Simmons, D’Andra’s mother, after traveling the world seeking the best in holistic, natural living started Ultimate Living International. ULI is a natural; organic Dallas based Supplement Company that makes pharmaceutical grade supplements. Consequently, Dee has now been cancer free for 22 years.

D'Andra Simmons

After working with her mother for 15 years and creating the all natural skin care and make-up line for Ultimate Living International, D’Andra felt the calling to start a line on her own.  Inspired by her mother and her own busy lifestyle, D’Andra studied and traveled the world, seeking the most organic, sustainable, holistic products and even lived in Africa for three months learning all about natural ways to live, eat and treat your skin.


The name may be tongue in cheek but the product is as serious as they come. Hard Night, Good Morning is one of the ONLY all natural skin care lines on the market today that actually does what it says it will do and every ounce of it is GOOD for your skin. It is free of parabins, sulphates, phthalates, and phosphates.  It is pharmaceutical grade and aloe vera-based, plus the eye cream has a bio-available form of vitamin C that reduces puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.  The Facial “Cocktail” Serum is the best out of all of the products! About 30 seconds after applying you can actually feel it invigorating and tightening your skin.


Knowing that not all skin types have success with one line in particular, we sent the samples of Hard Night, Good Morning around the group. One gal has dry skin, one is acne oriented, one is oily but dehydrated. After a week with the full line all of the reports back were in unison, “We saw a beautiful difference.”

The acne prone gal noticed a more even skin tone and fewer flare ups. The oily but dehydrated gal noticed lesser oil production and fewer dry lines in her cheeks, around the eye are and on her forehead. The dry skinned gal was blown away at the increased moisture content of her skin after even one use. The bottom line is, all skin types can and have benefitted from this line and we've seen the proof! That’s never happened in our skin care girls group before!

If you’re the CEO that just got off the red eye and have to step into a board room, a mother of three who's not getting any sleep of if you just had a fun night of events and parties, this product does exactly what it says it will do AND it’s Texas based!

To read more about Hard Night, Good Morning, CLICK HERE

Available at Whole Foods, Central Market and online near you!

P.S. Not sure if we made it clear but if you only purchase ONE item in this line...make it the Facial Cocktail!