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Artist Hanh Tran Has This One in the Bag

Most people know Hanh Tran as the 3D painter who's creations transform at space bringing movement and life.  You have no doubt heard of her with recent art commissions including a painting event with Mayor Annise Parker, a commission for Susan B. Komen and her many fdonations to charity auctions around the state. She has found another way to bring her unique touch to her collectors, custom made handbags. Tran is moving from painting canvas on an easel to canvas purses. Currently available online or at Lucho Houston, she plans to debut the line at the October Dallas Fashion Mart. The accessory spark came from the all too familiar issue all women have, finding the right accessory.
"As an artist, I am always looking for something unique." says Tran.  "I struggle to find handbags I like, so I thought why not make my own."  
After receiving requests from friends to make them something similar, she felt she might be on to something.
"The response has been overwhelming!" says Tran.  
The line was called "Girls Night Out" is a series of hand painted evening bags with satin lining.  Each offers Tran's signature "H" found on her paintings on the backside. Because they are so different and unique you can wear them with everything from a cocktail dress to jeans.
Another item to keep your eye out for...Hanh has a book in the works!

Houstonian Hanh Tran's work with oil on canvas is based on self-study of the human form, nature, culture and emotion. Her dedication to learning – and a hands-on approach to sharing the art experience with others – is indicative of Hanh's dedication to creating and providing approachable and emotive art.

​Heavy, sweeping, broad strokes of thick oil paint that create a three-dimensional effect are trademarks of Hanh's collections and commissioned works. It is through her connection with art, nature and people that Hanh finds comfort through expression. "Art provides respite and renewal for most people,” said Hanh. “Painting, creating and sharing provide quiet comfort and establish a meaningful sense of community."

​Tran, the seventh and youngest child of Vietnamese-Chinese immigrants, was raised in Houston and learned early on to teach herself and to others to foster personal growth. Through donations of her original art and art + wellness teaching sessions with patients and families of patients facing health challenges, Hanh serves those in need in local and national charitable communities. Among others, Sunshine Kids, North Cypress Medical Center and Covanant House Texas are key community charitable partners of Hanh's.

Hanh's collections are installed commercially and in private residences across Texas, New York, and both the east and west coasts.



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