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Two Texas Restaurants Bite Thanksgiving in the Buns

During the month of November, The Counter is serving up a special holiday burger that will convince you, “home is where the mouth is”. For a limited time, customers can dine on “Not Your Granny’s Turkey”, a Thanksgiving feast in between two buns.  For a whopping almost $11.00 this festive, specially seasoned turkey burger is topped with sweet potato hash, maple-glazed ham, cranberries, red onions, and spinach, with a side of rosemary cream sauce on a brioche-style bun. And what is a Thanksgiving meal without sides? Round out your meal with The Counter’s sweet potato fries… or grilled vegetables, if you are feeling particularly healthy. Available now through November 30th.

The Counter has two locations in the Houston area: 4601 Washington Ave. and 9595 Six Pines Dr., Suite 1000

Fuddruckers, a long time staple in a burger lover's stable has come up with it's own way of celebrating the season with the introduction of its “Autumn in a Bun”, which showcases a freshly grilled, half-pound turkey burger topped with the soft bite of crumbled blue cheese and a generous serving of house made cranberry and apple chutney.  The specialty item is available at all 62 locations around the country through December 31st, 2013.  And guests can complete their feast with a fall-centric side of sweet potato fries for an additional charge. Available now through December 31.



Thanksgiving Day Deals

Who are we kidding??? It takes for EVER to cook a full Thanksgiving Day meal, 20 minutes to eat it, including giving thanks and conversation and then you get to clean it up while everyone goes to watch football. Who needs it?? That's why DISH has compiled a list of restaurants where you can either take it to go or go and sit while someone else does the cooking and the clean up! ENJOY DISHIES and Happy Thanksgiving!


CLICK HERE for the entire list =)

Thank you CLEVERLEY!!!!