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The Cordua's Amazin Amazon

Sitting down to a meal is a wonderful experience in general. Sitting down to a meal with a latin family it's a tradition. Sitting down to a meal with Michael and David Cordua is a culniary and flavor adventure glazed with love and chimichurri sauce culminating in sweet plantain empanadas sprinkled with some of the funniest stories you've ever heard.

When DISH was invited to a taste test of the new menu we thought, naturally, that it would be an in and out of all of Houston's media through out the day but no! We were treated to a private one on one with the two Cordua chefs being treated to their very favorites on the menu!

They of course have their signature Churrasco that melts in your mouth but the menue is broken down my meat rather than by course so it's easy to make decisions.

We sampled the skinny fish tacos, the fish is grilled making this a lower fat dish. They come with jalapeña tartar sauce, crunchy cabbage & pico de gallo, cilantro rice, black beans, maduros and vegetables escabeche.

The chicken puffy tacos are what knocked me off of the stool! Pulled roasted chicken, cheese, guacamole and crema fresca on light and airy puffed tortillas...the flavor explosion hits every part of your palate.

They still have their famous burger, thankfully, with the sweet bun if casual latin flavor isn't your bag.

Then there are the desserts. The one and only Cordua Tres Leches is here and present in a different way! It comes in individual cups so it's more moist than the other restaurants in the family and a bit sweeter! Absolutely a must have. Also on the must have list is the table top s'mores. It's perfect for the kids or the kid in you!