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The Peep About Le Peep!

Most folks have that one restaurant that is a childhood memory for them. That special place your parent or grandparent would take you for your one on one time together. Le Peep is absolutely one of those for 3 generations of Houstonians.

Turns out, Le Peep is actually a franchise based in Colorado and came to our beloved Houston in 1987. One of the owners in the partnership, Brendon Murphy, started with the original Houston location in Rice Village as a manager in 1995 before moving to the Westheimer/610 store which, since opening it's doors has been the number one grossing Le Peep in the United States! (That location, indecently is the store DISH'S Memaw used to take us to for our special dates.)

It is more than a legacy for the clients, Le Peep is one of those few places in town where the staff almost as regular as the clientele. Claudie Norris Jr. started with Le Peep when they first opened their doors here in Houston as a bus boy 25 years ago and has worked his way up to running his own store! Manager Amanda Mendez has been with the Shepherd location for almost 4 years now. She is the voice behind the Le Peep Houston social media. Her start in the food business came from Jason's Deli but her heart is with the customers. She started the social media for Le Peep knowing it would be a great way to keep in touch with current clients and get to word out to others. (Follow the on Facebook or Twitter) Social media isn't just having your name established on the different outlets. It's actually having a voice, speaking to your clients and interacting with them regularly. Amanda understands this and if you FB or tweet her you will get a personalised answer. That personalised touch is what has made Le Peep so successful in the Houston area for almost 30 years. Brendon, one of the managing partners who started as a manager over 15 years ago...you will still see him working in the stores almost every weekend.

The stories of their favorite clients is like hearing someone regale you with their family history. One lady and her son come down to the Shepherd location once a month because her son won't eat at any other breakfast place. His favofire is their chocolate chip pancakes. They live in Conroe! That is testament to how loyal folks can be when you give them good service.

Admittedly, when DISH hits up Le Peep we always indulge in the eggs benedict. It's a childhood thing, but if you peruse the menu you will notice there is a full lunch including burgers! There is another little secret about which you should know! Le Peep caters! From Italian food to burgers to everything in between, including BREAKFAST, Le Peep will cater your lunch, dinner, or even wedding! Yes, wedding. Brendon said there are folks, like DISH, who's happy memories are based around Le Peep and they wanted the restaurant to flavor their wedding. We imagine the eggs benedict would be pretty yummy next to cake =)

See you for brunch soon, DISHIES!


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