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Time to Come Together

It's time to come together to help one of our local businesses owner. Expert Nutrition, formerly Houston Buyers Club, is needing community support to keep their doors open. Owner Fred Walters began the non-profit organization that provides the chronically ill with low-cost vitamins and supplements after he was diagnosed with HIV in 1994. Walters, a former seminary student says this business has become his calling. It is his method of helping others and serving God.

“When I was a kid I always wanted to serve the poor,” Walters said. “Not everyone I serve is poor, but I feel that I am helping those in need. I am doing what God wants me to do.”

He dropped out of seminary after four years, struggling with his homosexuality. When he was diagnosed with HIV, that door closed. The Catholic Church does not let those who are HIV-positive enter seminary.

Walters had to learn about nutrition for those with serious illnesses the hard way. When he was diagnosed HIV-positive in 1994, he found out how expensive staying healthy could be. He went to a local health food store where he bought nine products. He was horrified when the cash register showed he owed almost $250.

“To me, this is church,” Walters said regarding those who come in seeking advice and healing.

The store is a nonprofit organization that provide supplements and vitamins to the chronically ill at a low price but it open to the public as well. Expert Nutrition only marks up its products 5 to 22 percent, a much lower increase than most stores. Those without chronic illness are catching on to the good deals. Walters welcomes them too. “Anyone who shops here is helping us,” he said.

So basically what we have here is a double bonus! You get an amazing deal AND help others who need it all at the same time!

The first time I accidentally walked into Walters' store I was blown away by the obvious wealth of knowledge he has but more than that, Walters' very obvious heart. Love pours out of his eyes and you instantly feel welcome and almost at home. He has love and compassion for every person who walks in his doors and if he doesn't have what you need he will guide you to another locally owned store that does.

Expert Nutrition sells items including vitamins and minerals, protein supplements, amino acids, creatine, antioxidants, digestive enzymes, liver detoxifiers, fatty acids, herbs and hormone boosters. Many of the supplements are aimed at cutting down the side effects of powerful HIV drugs. These can include anemia, appetite loss and bloating gas, elevated cholesterol, high triglycerides and diarrhea. These side effects are often so severe that 49 percent of patients who start HIV drugs skip or stop taking them, Walters said.

Recently, they ended a grant partnership they had because as much as a grant is supposed to help fund different orgs, this one ended up costing them almost $5000 a month! solving one problem will sometimes create another and in this case it did. They have yet to make up the monthly funding and they are in the danger zone. Walters will have to close the doors within a month if something doesn't turn around soon.

He is opening his doors to have house parties for your business and or social groups! They need 100 folks to help raise some serious dough! He gives so much back to the community he deserves some back.

CLICK HERE or call Fred directly at 832-524-5515 to set up your party or to grab some supplements!

 Let's save this business!