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I'll Take the Green, Leafy Stuff, Please!


Things are a-changin’ around here.  And I don’t mean in the great state of Texas.  Or even in my neighborhood for that matter.  Nope.  Things are changing in my house.  The kitchen, to be exact.


It started several years ago when my best friend, “the hippie” as I call her, kept trying to convince me that there are hidden dangers in my food.  Hidden dangers?  That must mean something about me dropping dead with a worm eating my brain or some crap like that.  Obviously, I don’t remember the details, but the concept stuck.


Fast forward a few years.  Add an earth-friendly 9 year old who desperately wants to grow a garden; lots of research about toxins in chemicals leading to an overhaul of the cleaning products we purchase; and several dreams in the last couple of weeks that people around me have cancer—that pretty much did it.  It’s time.


So I found a co-op in the area where you can buy certified organic fruits and vegetables.  I had heard of Rawfully Organic before and heard rave reviews. So I thought we’d try it.  And since we had the $57 our half-share would cost, including delivery charge, we did.


Today was the day we picked up our portion.  And in less than hour’s time, that one box has already taught me quite a few things about myself and my family.


#1  I have no idea what half this green, leafy stuff is.  Which means I’ve pretty much been living under a vegetation rock for, oh, my entire life.  All I know is it’s VERY green, it all smells good, and I may have to find some sort of plant picture dictionary on-line.

#2  Bring in a box, even a box of food, and my kids will go nuts and dig through it like it’s Christmas.  For at least 20 minutes they were inspecting the produce, smelling it, asking what this was and that was.  It was pretty awesome to think they might actually eat it now that they’ve had a chance to inspect it BEFORE dinnertime.

#3  I apparently have no sense of fun when it comes to food.  There were quite a few things in the box that I would never have thought to buy at the store.  Like a whole pineapple.  Or a juicing orange, which is apparently different than a regular orange.  Or a lemon.  When would I actually get one of those?  Now I’m forced to figure out what to do with it all.  Which probably falls under the “well-balanced” category every diet article talks about.

#4  Even the guinea pig sees the benefit.  No lie.  We’ve fed him lettuce and apples before.  And he eats it.  This time, he DEVOURED it!  An entire romaine leaf and apple slice were gone in 10 minutes flat.  For an animal that weighs less than a pound, that’s pretty impressive.

That does it.  If the guinea pig can taste or smell the difference, there must be something to this organic thing!  So I’d better learn how to cook it.


Now if only I could figure out what this green, leafy stuff is……….

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