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Live Music, Beer and a Grocery Store

I ADORE the live music scene that happens on the weekends at Central Market! You can buy from the cook out stand outside, healthy or not so much, and beer! You sit outside and enjoy your meal or beverage with your mates in the awesome outside weather with the sun on your skin, life is really good! 

Until you go to throw your trash away and you discover an ugly truth...they DO NOT recycle.


If you want toilet paper at Central Market you have to get the one ply, recycled, already been used for something or another type of experience. Tons of organic products tp purchace and even recycled paper bagsin which to take your newly purchased organic, recycled, free range whatever you eat home. But at their own weekly live music, valet parking, outside in the sun, eating experience, you can't recycle your glass, plastic or paper items unless you take them with you.

Is it just me or is there something hypocritical about that?

Hhmm. Loved the day, but thinking I will not go back until I figure out if the problem is with Central Market or the City of Houston.

What do you think?  

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The Rockets won tonight!!!!!!!!!

SHUT UP!!! Earlier in the year they were in the bottom 10 and now...NOW!!! Really??? It's the best winning streak in franchise history (really??). Will be interesting to see what happens next home game.

You going???

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Chocolate = Drool!

If you are human, you probably have a dessert compartment. It doesn’t really matter how much you have eaten at one sitting, there is always room in the dessert compartment. But there is something to be said for trying to stay healthy.

Raindrop Chocolate has done just that!

The owner, Don, is such a joy every time I go in. You will never eat Hershey’s again!
Everything he sells is made right there in the store! It’s all natural, wax and preservative free. The hand made truffles are brainwashingly delicious. I suggest the Champaign/Rose or Curry and for the true chocolate connoisseurs I humbly offer up the 85% dark.
Pick up the TOT’s (take out truffles) during the day time and go back after dinner for his home made Gelatto. Yes, also all natural!!!
They are open til 10.

WONDERFUL GIFT IDEA!! Take the tot’s (and I do mean the truffles!!) instead of a bottle of wine to a dinner party! You will make a much better impression!

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Hello World!!!

What’s up Buttercups??? Spring is springing and baseball is in the air. What I don’t get is how that equals to Hunter Pence falling through a sliding glass door trying to get out of a hot tub and rumors of the President pardoning Roger Clemens…if convicted of course. Some how, baseball just ain’t what it used to be.

(btw: this is not Hunter’s first foray into the world of potential trouble
so I guess my question is, do we have something to worry about here? Is it possibly time to straighten up, Thunder Pants??)

Whatever the deal, blessings and love to Hunter. Get well soon. as for Clemens…well as much as I want to believe the best, the truth will come out in the wash and we will be relieved or hurt….and time goes on.

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Postponing Dish for TV...


Soooo much to chat about...but I have been working on casting for Last Comic Standing...

Because that is finishing up tonight, let me just give you a little hint of the stories to come!

1) I accidentally walked into the men's room the other night at a wine bar in Uptown Park. But...of course because my life is NEVER boring, There is more to the story and it has to to with SEX in the P.F. Chang's Bathroom! (not me tho)

2) Julio Iglesias and has made one of his sons work for a living for a Houston based airline!

3) I have fallen deeply in love with a vat of body butter.

4) I'm talking about all things Oscar this weekend as well...the movies, the fashions, here's to hoping no one makes the same mistake Fashionista Marc Jacobs made and find their inspiration in a Swedish petrol station! 

All this Dish and more coming tomorrow!

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